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I bought a new laptop the other night. My old one was adopted by Dave before I got too attached and I've been trying to run my "real life" off my phone and iPad ever since. That seemed to work well enough but I ignored a lot of email and certain things seemed impossible; like writing anything more than 1000 characters long. Obviously, I haven't been writing either. I always chalked it all up to laziness; maybe that's part of it, but it dawned on me recently that I'm a touch typist and pecking things out on a screen-sized "keyboard" doesn't make any sense. It's fine for social media but it's no good for email or the rest of my "real life" writing and working. 

Once I realized there was a genuine problem to solve and getting a laptop wasn't just a "want," I set out to fix it. I looked at my bank account, talked to people I know and trust well enough to help me evaluate what I needed in a machine, and I ran it by Dave to help keep surprises low. I thought, too, about what I actually wanted. 

I've cut corners on purchases for myself in the past because I didn't think I could justify the price of what I really wanted...but those cut corners usually lead to dead ends. Laptops adopted by other people. Clothes that worked in theory but turned out to be pinchy or an inch short or just not right and in the end not worn enough to justify the purchase. The cheap version that lives (and dies) up to its name. I now try to buy it once and buy it right. 

My new laptop meets my needs and my wants. It's got a comfortable keyboard, a different operating system and programs I'm used to running, and it connects automatically with my there devices. It's the colour I wanted and it feels different from my work laptop which, bonus, helps make it even more clear to my brain that I'm not working. I'm doing MY THING, whatever it may be, and making space for myself in my real life.

It's just a laptop but in a way it's a room of my own. I'm lucky to have it.


  1. I feel you about cutting corners on stuff. I have a closet full of clothes I got for free or very little, and most of it is kind of... off. It's nice to spend the money and get something that's just right every once in a while, especially if it lets you be more you.


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